Money well spent floating down the Vermont river, Battenkill, in a kayak or lazy tube allowing Big Big
on the Battenkill to do all the work so you just float and relax. 

 Big Big on the Battenkill Kayaking & Tubing

   Summer past adding fall!

2.5 -3 hour float tube or rafts  We pick you up in NY, start in Vermont, land in NY. You will land at a bridge near your vehicle and walk over to your car.

No infants. Ages 3 on up. The small children will have a float with a bottom, only the 3-5 year old will be allowed no other children.

This is an outdoor physical activity. Only you know your physical capability I do not. The river is all rock and the entrance and exit is all rock. Proper shoes a must. If you are in excessive weight it may not be for you and can call to discuss just as amusement rides have a limit I do as well. If you are a senior citizen again I don't know your physical capacity only you do and feel free to call and ask any questions. 

This is a lazy river float but there are times you may have to walk rock and again the entrance is walking down on rock into the river as well as a climb up and out of the river at the exit.

You will be walking over the bridge you exit and to your car parked up the road.

What to bring:

Come prepared in what your wearing down the river. 


Water shoes of some sort other than flip flops are a must. If you would like to stop in the river or need to stand up and walk in the river it is almost impossible to do so barefoot. As you may have read earlier, I highly recommend an old sneaker, sandal, or a water shoe of some sort for your trip. Most importantly parents because should you need to move you need footwear. Should you want to walk and enjoy and stop along the way, barefoot is very difficult! Rocky bottom throughout the river. Flip Flops are a "flop" on the water as your foot goes up and the flop stays down. 

Regular shorts and shirts are just as good as the bikini just what's comfortable for you.

If you would like to pack drinks, snacks, lunch etc. we do have floating devices to make your coolers float. They can hold a 

large Coleman size cooler that sits in the center and floats behind you. I have the straps that attach to your tube.

Bring your stress if you have any as this float is so peaceful you can leave it on the river and feel cleansed when you exit!

Items on the river

What you don't want lost or wet DO NOT bring on the river. If you would like to leave your car keys with us we gladly lock them in our vehicle so they are safe and dry upon your return. We have to collect our equipment from you so we are there all day for your return. Don't use styrofoam coolers and don't bring glass.