Money well spent floating down the Vermont river, Battenkill, in a kayak or lazy tube allowing Big Big
on the Battenkill to do all the work so you just float and relax. 

 Big Big on the Battenkill Kayaking & Tubing

   Summer past adding fall!

Rates Arlington Vermont

All the rates are lined out for you from Big Big on the Battenkill Kayaking & rafts, dog life jackets limited, and coolers too. The rates include your equipment and human life jackets. Remember we put you in Arlington, VT and we pick you up at the end in New York and bring you back to your car. The drive back is seriously only about 6 minutes but takes that long to go down the river.

Can reserve with the BOOK NOW button and pay or call to pay the day of arrival.

Rates For Big Big on the Battenkill kayak & tubing Arlington, VT

$30 per tube

$65 per single raft

$65 single kayak

$90 tandem kayak

$80 per canoe

Large 6 seater raft need to call to see if river high enough and can time it. 


$10 Float for your cooler, you bring your cooler and set it in the middle of the cooler float.

$5 per dog life jacket supplies very limited

Human life jackets included in their float rental

tube mess end of day
kayak, raft, tube, and coolers