Money well spent floating down the Vermont river, Battenkill, in a kayak or lazy tube allowing Big Big
on the Battenkill to do all the work so you just float and relax. 

 Big Big on the Battenkill Kayaking & Tubing

   Summer past adding fall!

802-375-6300             cell 518-479-9042     If tubing same day use the blue link above "Tube Rentals" to reserve; no matter the equipment your renting. I have an issue with the BOOK NOW button. If you can't see the link or the button from your phone, scroll to the bottom of page and hit the "desktop version" button, scroll back to the top and should now see.



This year I am networking with Peek Pro reservation service. It will allow you to reserve, pay, and receive an email with confirmation and instructions along with a link for the waiver. You do not need to wait to hear back from me. You can still call, text, or email to reserve if you are planning to pay with cash or not ready to pay with your card and I can take payment when you arrive. Please call with any questions you may have and I will be happy to answer. BUT  for large groups or having issues with the app always just call or text  me and I will get you on the river!

After you make your reservation whether through me or the Book Now button you will receive a confirmation email THAT MUST BE READ! And it will have the directions to park your vehicle off my property. Also, if booking a cooler float make sure you do so under the "add product" button. Some think they've ordered and it wasn't done properly. 

If you do not see my van and nobody is at the parking area I am just picking people up and will be back momentarily.

This is an outdoor activity and it is physical at times. You only know your physical capabilities I do not. The river is all rock. The entrance and exit is rock. Therefore, proper shoes a must, flip flops don't function well. If you are excessive in weight just as amusement rides have a limit so must I. Your safety and enjoyment is most important. If you are a senior citizen you must be able to manage the rocks. Again, I do not know your limitations only you do. 

Please do not let weather reports steer you away! I usually wait till the morning of as the reports don't match reality the majority of the time. I do not hold any money if you do not make the trip

A traditional summer pastime in Arlington,Vermont involves packing a lunch, some drinks, deciding if it will be in a  tube or raft and float down the Battenkill River. The Green Mountain water is cold but refreshing especially on a hot summer day. 

PARENTS we have clips to attach your children to your tube or raft if you need; for all others we have as well but limited and when water level is low we will instruct the number allowed to attach otherwise if tube is popped you pay. 

YOU NEED TO VISIT THE "What You Need to Know" tab of this site. Waivers can be done at the Book Now button. I am on the road a lot or busy taking calls so this site tells you every thing I would tell you on the phone. This saves me a lot of time explaining and saves my voice ;)  

Bring trash bags for your garbage as it is carry in carry out no trash cans.  NO BATHROOMS EITHER.

Would love to have some of your photos to post on the site. You can send to email at

Griffin and Friends with the old school tubes
rafts, kayaks, floating coolers

Dana Holby

5 years ago
We were treated to a beautiful day, wonderful owner, great kayaks and equipment, and amazing service. We recommend renting from these people!!!!!

Dana Holby 5 Star Google