Money well spent floating down the Vermont river, Battenkill, in a kayak or lazy tube allowing Big Big
on the Battenkill to do all the work so you just float and relax. 

 Big Big on the Battenkill Kayaking & Tubing

   Summer past adding fall!

About Us Arlington, VT

Family owned and operated since 2014. This was meant to be a get away from our marina on Saratoga Lake, South Shore Marina, and the restaurant, Nostalgia Ale House & Wine Bar

The BattenKill River is such an amazing place we had to share it, hence Big Big, my nick name, on the BattenKill was born and we are now Big Big on the Battenkill kayak and tubing.

Since then we have grown enough for the family to join in still keeping in line with small town business but with Big Big customer service and satisfaction.

Why choose us?

Kirsten has been running a business or two for over 20 years in some form or another all of which are customer based. With that being said we strive to ensure that you not only have a safe trip but an enjoyable one at that. We try to provide you with safe equipment, we keep an eye on everyone at some point in the trip, very thorough with our customers as to what they need and where their exit will be. We start you in Arlington, VT and land in NY where we pick you up and bring you back to your car (a 4 minute drive).